Our Sacred Valley Tour visits the High Andes of Peru and besides the obvious attraction of the Inka history and architecture, the area is home to the majestic Condors.

This shot was taken at The Colca Canyon which is regarded as having the highest concentration of these birds. The canyon is incredible and the birds glide on the upcurrents, usually early in the morning as the air begins to heat up.

If you are lucky, getting a good shot is not too difficult as they move slowly and gracefully and if you happen to be in a good position fairly closely.

Interestingly, it is said that the local inhabitants used to catch these birds by leaving a dead animal out to decompose. After the bird had eaten as much as it could it became too heavy to fly, making it a relativley easy for it to be caught.

Photo of Condor gliding above the Colca Canyon in Peru. Shot by Mike Marlowe on a Creative Trails Photography tour.