Everywhere you go in Africa it seems like women are on the move as soon as dawn breaks. Usually, they go to fetch water, carrying impossibily large loads on their heads. I've tried with a small bowl and it is much harder than they make it look!

Best of all though is how sociable they are. It's easy to strike up a converstation and join in with the banter. Even if you can't understand what they are saying, you always get the gist of it and besides it's always accompanied by lots of laughter.

This shot was taken about half an hour after first light and it was already blisteringly hot. After a chat and a few words they went on down the road. I wanted a shot that showed them in the wider environment so waited until they got a bit further away. One of the women knew what was coming and turned around just as I pressed the shutter.

African women on the way to collect water in the early morning