This surreal image was taken from the balcony of the apartment where I used to live, on the south coast of England.

I've had a lot of discussion with people lately about what exactly is travel photography and the conclusion is - whatever you want it to be. I always think of travelling as going somewhere far away, but an image from your own backyard is still a travel photo to someone else (if not you).

This pic had lined itself up a few times but I always missed it. Every week during the summer, the yachts gather and wait for the start of their race. Around September time there is often an early morning mist that only lasts a short amount of time. The effect is magical.

When I finally got myself in to the right place at the right time, I shot a couple of frames and there it was..

A surreal dreamy image of yachts in the early morning mist. Southern England near Eastbourne.