Why Choose Creative Trails?

If you are passionate about travel and photography then we have something in common. If you love to visit beautiful places and make the time to capture them in a way that enables you to get the very best out of yourself and the destination then we are going to get along just fine.

I have led, and have joined, a huge variety of tour and travel expeditions and have seen first hand the good, the bad and the not so pretty. Creative Trails trips are designed and implemented to allow photographers and creative artists to get the most out of their time and investment.

Some of the reasons why should choose Creative Trails

  1. We only go to places that have an abundance of photo opportunities. While it's true that you can create good images anywhere, some places just have more opportunity than others. We don't want to spend time searching around a location for the ultimate shot!
  2. You will get as much help, personal attention and advise as you want. Whether you are a keen starter or a pro that wants to put together a killer book, everyone is equal.
  3. Our itineraries are based around being in the optimum place at the best time. If we make changes as we go it will be so that we can get the most from our visit. There is no piling in to a bus to dash of to a shopping mall just as the sun is breaking over the snow covered mountain tops.
  4. There's no nonsense or complications. We use local guides and suppliers who have proved themselves to be good. Likewise, when you book your trip you can ask as many questions as you like and we promise to give you straight answers.
  5. Your leader (whether that is me or another photographer) will do the whole trip with you. You won't be delivered to a hotel and left to get on with it. However, although we are always there you don't have to be, so if you prefer to go off and explore alone then that is fine. You will be fully informed of the itinerary and key meeting times so that you can plan your time to suit.
  6. We travel responsibily and with consideration to the local environment. As much as we can and as long they reach the right standard, we will always use local business's and guides. For example, our guide in Peru for the Sacred Valley Trail knows all of the local villages and most of the people. You can expect to be invited in to their houses for tea and a chat. When we reach Machu Pichu our guide there is informative and knowledable so we can get a good feel for this incredible place.
  7. Our interest is travel and photography but we also like to get the most from each place whether it's the music, food, wildlife or taking part in the daily hum of life. This makes our tours ideal for non photography partners or those who like to creatively mix photography with writing or music etc.
  8. Lastly, we respect your trust and commitment. For many people an overseas trip is a major investment in both time and money and we truly appreciate that. Our aim is not just to deliver the trip to you but for you to have an amazing time and come back with a selection of images that you will be proud to own.


If you have any questions then please feel free to get in touch either by email or telephone,

07788 122 886

I look forward to welcoming you.